How do we know that Norton’s VPN service works the way it should work? A few handy tips and articles you should read

Before we get right into how to use Norton’s VPN, it’s good to take a moment to think about how it works. Let’s zoom into the function of the Recenze ExpressVPN.

Norton’s VPN: How it works

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and is a great way to encrypt your information. Norton calls its virtual private network software ‘Norton Secure VPN’. When you use Norton Secure VPN you use an IP address other than your own. This keeps you completely anonymous and prevents advertisers, among others, from following you.

In addition to being completely anonymous on the Internet, your data to and from your device is fully encrypted when you’re connected to the Internet. If a malicious party intercepts your data, they’ll have a jumble of numbers and letters that can’t be used with der bestes VPN für Netflix.

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Benefits of Norton Secure VPN

Now that we know what Norton Secure VPN is all about, it’s time to dwell on the various benefits of this software. We list them:

  • Completely anonymous internet browsing
  • Data from and to your PC is fully encrypted
  • Override censorship and regain access to blocked content
  • Enjoy more of location-blocked services, think Netflix

With that said, we’d like to pause for a moment: public WiFi networks are increasingly being used. Think of public transport (the train), in restaurants or cafes, where you do not want to use your mobile data to access the Internet. Here too, a VPN is extremely interesting, given that these networks are often public and poorly secured. A hacker could find himself in the same network as the ExpressVPN free trial in Hungary.

How to use Norton’s VPN

When you’re converted and want to use Norton Secure VPN, it’s child’s play to set up a VPN connection. We outline the steps on how to use Norton’s VPN:

  1. Select a subscription for VPN with Norton
  2. Download the application on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  3. Choose the VPN server you want to use
  4. Start surfing with a fully secure connection